Real Estate Investor Interior Design Services: Kitchen and Bath Design

    Real Estate Investor Interior Design Services: Kitchen & Bath Design in a Flip.

    Did you know HER Home Design LLC provides interior design services to real estate investors? We’re excited to share with you this one of our most recent kitchen and bath projects for a flip.

    HER Client
    The HER Home Design team worked closely with both the investor and the general contractor to provide kitchen and bath design services in their property to be flipped. This was the client’s first flip located in the South Broad Ripple area of town.

    The Space Challenge
    When we first met with the client and the general contractor, they had an initial idea of what the space could look like once it was renovated. After sharing ideas about proper space planning and buyer preferences, we designed a new kitchen space that opened up the kitchen/dining/family room areas and provided some extra storage.

    Here’s an image of what the kitchen looked like before demo:

    The Design Solution
    Working closely with the general contractor, we recommended and provided the following:

    • An open-concept kitchen/dining/family room design
    • A separate hallway leading to the powder room and bedroom 2
    • New white frameless kitchen cabinetry
    • New granite countertops
    • New white frameless bathroom cabinetry
    • New granite countertops for the bathroom

    The HER team also consulted on the existing design choices for the tile and flooring in both the kitchen and bath.

    The Final Kitchen and Bathroom Flip Project

    Here’s a video of the finished kitchen and bathroom investor flip project:

    Photo Credit: Indy Realty Pics and HER Home Design team

    Every house needs a little of ‘HER’ to make it a home.

    Love our work? Want to learn more about affordable interior design services with HER? Want to book your Real Estate Investor Interior Design Services consultation with the HER Home Design team? Book online or call us at 317-744-9849 for an interior design or kitchen and bath project review.

    • Client Real Estate Investor - Flipper
    • Date July 23, 2019
    • Tags Affordable Interior Design, Bathroom Design and Remodeling, Design, Interior Design, Kitchen Design and Remodeling, Real Estate Investment Home Flips
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